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As one of the world's largest steel material manufacturers integrated service providers,Kungang Steel is committed to providing the most valuable steel iron materials and industrial service solutions for various industries with the vision of "Building the Most Competitive Steel Enterprise".At present, Kungang has become  the largest electric steel supplier and the second largest automobile steel firm in China, it is also the leading steel iron enterprise specializes in Marine Engineering and Bridge Construction.In MPI Chinese steel enterprises ranking of competitiveness,Kungang has abtained the highest rating of the "extremely competitive" which is not only the member of the Executive Committee of the World Iron and Steel Association but also the rotating president unit of Iron and Steel Industry Association in China.
Our Company strives to become the multinational industrial group with greatest brand influence around the world.

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At present, Kungang Iron and Steel has formed a large-scale steel enterprise group consisting of sintering, pelletizing, iron-making, steel-making and steel rolling, as well as coking, refractory, power, transportation, and technology research and development. It has a complete product series such as hot-rolled coils, cold-rolled coils, galvanized coils, color-coated coils, pickling coils, steel pipes, profiles, rebars, cathode copper, and building materials.


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Kungang Steel has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, marine steel has passed 9 national classification societies certification, construction steel has obtained CE mark certification from Lloyd's Register, and the main steel body has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification . The production technology and technical equipment of the main body of the enterprise have reached the international advanced level, the comprehensive competitiveness has entered the international advanced ranks, and the international influence has been significantly enhanced.


Our Guiding Principles Our Responsibilities

Kunshan Iron & Steel always takes the development of a green and low-carbon economy as its own responsibility, and constantly expands the development connotation of "clean, green, and low-carbon" in the steel industry. In 2008, a green model factory leading the development of the world's iron and steel industry was built in Bohai Bay, becoming a "demonstration base" for iron and steel enterprises to utilize clean energy.